About the Pricks on the Avenue


Keely McLaughlin, a dedicated full-time student athlete, found herself facing a unique opportunity in 2020 when the pandemic struck. In pursuit of her entrepreneurial spirit, she began creating stickers, which quickly gained popularity. As demand grew, Keely expanded her product line to include t-shirts, responding to customer requests and embracing her innate creativity.


Motivated by a profound goal to provide a better life for her mother, Keely set her sights on building a thriving business. Originally known as "Krafts by Keelz," Keely's brand underwent a transformation in 2022, becoming "Kactus Avenue." The name change reflected her love for country music and her adventurous nature, resonating with her target audience.


With each product carefully crafted and designed, Keely pours her heart and soul into her business. Her dedication to quality and customer satisfaction shines through, as does her commitment to sharing her love for creativity and self-expression with the world. Keely's ultimate dream is to retire her mother, fueling her unwavering drive to succeed.

Kactus Avenue stands as a testament to Keely's determination, passion, and love for her craft. Through her brand, she hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams, embrace their passions, and never shy away from taking the road less traveled.